Hendra Virus Testing Form

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Hendra Virus Testing Form

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I am aware that Hendra Virus has been considered a differential diagnosis in the above horse. I have been supplied the document, “Waiting for Hendra test results” (DPI NSW).

I understand that dealing with the Hendra virus involves important public health and workplace health and safety issues and requires careful management including –

  • If possible, avoid going within 5 metres of the sick horse or dead horse until Hendra virus has been ruled out.

  • Do not allow children or minors to be within 5 metres of the sick or dead horse or its bodily fluid or wastes.

  • If it is necessary to go within 5 metres of the sick or dead horse, keep the number of people having contact to a minimum and take precautions outlined in the document “Waiting for Hendra test results”

  • Move sick horses away from areas that can be accessed by the public.

  • Isolate the sick horse from other animals if it is safe to do so. Ideally, leave the sick horse where it is and move other animals to a different area of the property.

  • If you need to feed and water the sick horse keep your distance from them.

  • Notify your veterinarian immediately of any change in the health status of any horse on the property.
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